Friday, October 23, 2015

17 Hours

17 hours. The average high school student spends an average of 17 hours over a 5 day period doing homework. That's three and a half hours a night. Now three and a half hours may not sound too bad right? Well add that on to extracurricular activities, an after school job,the balanced dinner that is supposed to be eaten, the family dog that needs to be walked and the supposed eight hours of sleep teens are supposed to be getting. Now it seems a little unnecessary. After spending seven out of the sixteen hours that teens are supposedly awake at school, the last thing on our mind when we get home is LETS DO MORE SCHOOLWORK! No. The first thing on our mind is how much food can we cram into our mouths before we pass out on the couch for as long as we possibly can until we actually have to pay attention to our responsibilities. And teachers wonder why our homework isn't done the next day. Like, sorry your twenty million problem calculus assignment wasn't the first thing on my mind when I rushed out of the school parking lot to make it home on time to actually try and cram some food in my mouth before I had to leave for practice or work, because chances were I wasn't going to be eating dinner until at least nine that night. 17 hours. Homework takes away 17 hours a week that us teens could be enjoying the outdoors, having great conversations with our friends, or actually enjoying a sit down dinner with our families. 17 hours gone.