Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Girl In Town

      I recently went to Hobby Lobby with my mom to buy supplies for a DIY project to make my basement scream a little more "Meredith!" and a little less "unfinished basement!" While I was there a little art journal caught my eye. The pages are blank and are meant to be for a more on the go sketch book for artists, which I am not;however, I bought the sketch journal anyways and began to use it for my writing. And by writing I mean random musings on whatever just happens to be on my mind in the late hours of the night, or afternoon, or morning...really whenever the mood strikes me and the journal happens to be right in front of me so I can easily jot things down. It really started more as a journal for me to cope when all the stress and anxiety I feel in my life seems to be attempting to strangle me, but I think it has become much more. I decided to start this blog to share the things I write in my journal, and then some. Read, judge, laugh, do whatever you want to with this blog, but I really hope my writing may help someone else as it has thus far been helping me.
My Journal

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