Sunday, July 26, 2015

You Know I'm Talking Bout' My Best Friend

    After spending the past four days in Tennessee with my best friend and her family, it really hit me how lucky I am to have someone so incredible in my life and how the incredible relationships in our lives begin and form into something so great without us even realizing it sometimes. My best friend and I for example; we hated each other the moment we met. It was in the fifth grade and our moms who worked at the church together, and after they had gotten to talking and becoming friends themselves, had concocted a plan to introduce us in hopes that we would like each other so they could hang out more. Little did they know their plan would backfire miserably. I hated the way this girl hummed and sang just about every possible pop song she could think of, and she became so incredibly irritated by the way I kept clicking the computer mouse in a desperate attempt to make the terribly slow internet connection go faster. Our moms were crushed that we seemed to hate each other, but they didn't push it. Two years later, she was placed behind me in health class and I thought I was going to die. Every twenty seconds she would poke me with her pencil or tap my shoulder, or pull my hair. I was just about to lose it, when one day we actually got to talking. I realized that two years can make a large difference in people, and how their personalities can mesh, and today I couldn't imagine my life with someone else by my side. Similarly, I have spent a week at a camp for kids with diabetes (like myself) for the past seven years and have managed to find myself two amazing best friends. When I first started going to camp I never would have imagined creating such a strong bond with one person, much less two, which just goes to show how you can find everlasting friendship in the many different places your life chooses to take you. These friendships started in two completely different ways that to some may seem like they are not going to last, however as I finish the summer before my senior year, I call the girl who sang pop songs too loudly, and my diabetic pals from summer camp, my absolute best friends. And I do not take that term lightly. As I look back over the first time I met all of my best friends, it is weird to think of a time that I was not friends with these people. I think it goes to show how amazing an effect a best friend can have on a person's life. If you can hardly remember the times before you were friends. Before you shared all of your secrets with them. Before they were the only people you could go to when you started to cry for reasons unknown to even yourself and they would still know what to say to make you feel better. Before you took adorable pictures together. Before you had all the fabulous memories that come along with having a best friend. All of the incredible things that a select few people in your life can offer. I am blessed with three people in my life that offer me all of these things, and it seems like every time I open my mouth it's another story about one of my best friends, because that is how large a role they play in my life. And when I share these stories,you absolutely know I'm talking about my best friend.


  1. This is very sweet. It opens your eyes to how a person can change in only a year, and especially shows that we shouldn't be to hasty to dislike a person.

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  2. Ah! THIS BLOG! I just discovered it through TBC (Isn't it great?!), and I'm in love. You're so very talented, Meredith!
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